The radiator has arrived and after some adjustments it fits nicely in the subframe/housing.
Now I can speed things up with air funnel etc that connects to the subframe.


Today I made the, for me, painful job of putting radius on most edges.
Painful coz I generally like sharp edges but things come alive when this is done, and I will thank my self during the laminating phase.

Meanwhile in Sweden

Whats going on, no updates in a while..
Well I am waiting for the radiator to arrive, I can not fully complete the subframe without it so
I focus on things like air intake and balancing the tank/rear dummy.
So spray filler, sanding and meticulous measuring is what I spend my days with at the moment.

Clay day

Again things on the customer bike need hours to harden etc so I get a few hours to work on my trackday bike.

Remember the thing I did on the rear on the left side?

After some days that looked, well like shit and I had to redo it,
but on the right side this time.
This is what I did today, looks better?

Big step forward

Today I made a proto carbon subframe and the tank dummy is starting to look quite good.


What is going on..

RVF molds

From time to time I work on the molds for the RVF racer,
a little left to do but quite good.

Make my mind up maybe?

Well I said that the design was final a few days ago, but as it turned out I found
some improvements.
Should I say it again? 
yes this is final.

Clay play

During the work on the ISR racer there are sometimes pauses when things dry or harden,
perfect oppurtunity to work a bit on my little two stroke trackbike.

Not sure it is going to look this way though..

Lighten these please..

We have moved the radiator back a bit and the side of the bodywork had to follow,
but it made it look heavy and I have spend some time adjusting to make it look lighter.
And I also started with a rear fender / hugger in clay.

Last time

Today I rode my street bike for the last time this year, probably.
Damn cold but worth it, a winter bike is on the shopping list.

(its a standard 2002 954 Blade, paint by me)


Some progress on the ISR racer, the design part is getting quite complete now and
focus is now more on internal parts like airbox and fuel cell.

A good start

Well at the moment we have worked out the shape around the riders legs etc,
and I have found some lines to work on for the design.

Great success

Yesterday we de-moulded the rear part for the RVF400 racer, all looked very good.

Busy times

Lots of things going on in the workshop at the moment, fun though.


Making the flange before mold construction will start next week.

Knitting needles

My girlfriend is a knitting junkie and I made these 28mm diam carbon needles as a present to her.
The end-caps have threads, in carbon, so the needles also serve as storage for smaller needles.


Just a small update on one of the clay bikes,
doing some ruff work on the tail-part to find a basic shape.

One more

One more pic of the fuel tank part, the basic shape is set but some changes will come.

Out of shape

I have been feeling out of shape for a while, literally.
But now shapes are flowing from my hands again.


I made a brake disc sheild for my mates minimoto,
a little bit dry in places but under 20 grams.


I have clay under my fingernails again, yes!

and here it is..

after a couple of posts lacking info on what I was doing here it is,
throttle bodies made entirely from carbon fiber that my mate and me did,
this is a first prototype and changes will be made.
I think this is the second all carbon throttle bodies ever made,
Britten was first.


The helmets are done, turned out quite good.

Helmet paint

Strange, I have painted a lot of things but never a helmet,
might as well do two then..


and just what might this be ??


Final sanding coming up...


Time to restart of this project, it is more or less ready for mold-making but I will sand it a little more,
might as well be perfect when doing something this nice.