Clay day

Again things on the customer bike need hours to harden etc so I get a few hours to work on my trackday bike.

Remember the thing I did on the rear on the left side?

After some days that looked, well like shit and I had to redo it,
but on the right side this time.
This is what I did today, looks better?

Big step forward

Today I made a proto carbon subframe and the tank dummy is starting to look quite good.


What is going on..

RVF molds

From time to time I work on the molds for the RVF racer,
a little left to do but quite good.

Make my mind up maybe?

Well I said that the design was final a few days ago, but as it turned out I found
some improvements.
Should I say it again? 
yes this is final.

Clay play

During the work on the ISR racer there are sometimes pauses when things dry or harden,
perfect oppurtunity to work a bit on my little two stroke trackbike.

Not sure it is going to look this way though..